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The Piggo Corn is a unique off-chain currency that rewards its holders with corn for participating in Discord. This means you get a chance for some fun rewards, but most importantly your corn collection will be safe and sent out daily!  Join. Cultivate. Grow.

Benefits for the community

● Get a reward by staying active on the Piggos Discord!

● Help build the Piggo community to benefit everyone.

● Have fun in upcoming corn giveaway events and raffle draws.

● Initial Corn offering to Piggo holders.

● More earning opportunities to come

What can you do with corn?

● Buy virtual merch (coming soon)

● Voting privileges. One corn is equivalent to one vote. The more corn you have, the more votes you have.

● Use corn to convert virtual to IRL special merch (coming soon)

● Gain early access to Piggos new projects or selected partner’s projects

● Purchase Piggo Serum to transform Piggo Origin to Piggo NG

● Participate in contests.

● Purchase Piggo NFTs

● Subscriptions (coming soon)

● Enter free airdrops or giveaways

● Can be traded for FLOW (coming soon)


The piggos holder needs to be verified in the Discord before they can start earning corn.

To verify the piggos holding:

  1.  Login to your discord and go to Piggo channel —---Piggos Only—---- section -> #Piggo-Join

  2. Type /verify. select piggocornbot from the drop down.

  3. Once the verification is complete, the #🌽0ffchain-corn channel will appear.




  • Type /earn commands in #🌽offchain-corn channel every 8 hours, you get 1 corn.

[Display]: 🌽 1

Followed by:

Sustainability 🌽
Be kind to others ❤️

Equality for all genders  💪
Against animal cruelty 🐶​

Only 1 corn can be earned every 8 hours.

If you type /earn less than 8 hours: You will see this: To soon to earn: wait [00:00:00



  • Type /corn to display your current balance. Only you can see your balance.

Example: [Display]: [Name] you have 199 corn.


  • You can earn additional 1 corn by making a new Piggo friend! Find a /give-to-earn partner.

Type /give-to-earn. Only 1 corn can be earned every 8 hours.


  • You can view the top 20 corn earners by month or by week, by typing the command /scoreboard.

  •  The weekly scoreboard starts every week on Monday 12:00 UTC and ends on Sunday 11:59 UTC.

Option for Period Type will appear.  Select Month or Week.










Next, type in how many months/weeks back or the current month/week you want to view.  For example, if you want to view last week/month scores, type -1.  The current week/month is 0.

/corn-for-jobs  (coming soon)

/spend  (coming soon)

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Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.41.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.41.36 AM.png
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