Pre-sale | September 29, 2022

Public Sale | September 30, 2022


Piggos Evolution is the second generation of CryptoPiggos.

Descendants of the genesis collection, Piggos Origin, there are 6,000 Piggos Evolution NFTs created on the Flow blockchain.

Hidden within the collection are seventeen 1 of 1 NFTs, only available to unlock by minting in our pre-sale or public-sale.


How to mint one?

Minting via potion


Piggos Origin holders owning every 2 Piggos will be airdropped 1 MAGIC POTION into their Blocto wallet soon. For example, if you own 4 Piggos you will be airdropped 2 Magic potions etc. It is on a 2:1 basis.  

The magic potion will produce a Piggos Evolution!


If you do not own any Piggos Origin, there's still time to buy Piggos Origin from the Marketplaces (Rarible, Bloctobay, Matrixmarket and VIV3). The snapshot of holders for Potion airdrops. will be taken on Sept 15, 2022, at 23:59 UTC (4:59 pm PST).  2.600 Piggos Evolution will be available for minting via potion.  Note: Seventeen 1 of 1s only available via minting in the pre-sale or public sale!


Minting directly without potion


If you are new to the project, you will also be able to purchase Piggos Evolution directly from RareWorx without the potion. 3,400 Piggos Evolution will be available for public minting on Sep 29th (pre-sale) and Sep 30th (public-sale).


The Artist behind Evolution

Enrico Bigi aged 27, was born and raised in Italy.  He always has had a great passion for art, from oil painting to digital art. After trying different artistic techniques, he discovered his passion for tattoos and developed his skills and natural creative flair for it.  He has been working as a renowned tattoo artist since 2015.  


In early 2021 NFTs broke through into the mainstream, disrupting the art world and industries beyond it. Enrico fell in love with the idea of ​​being able to create entire collections from his iPad.  


In October 2021 he created his first collection, Potato Pets.  He has since started working as a freelance NFT artist, creating a total of 6 collections and several other single projects alongside his tattooing. 


Enrico created the artwork for Piggos Evolution, launching late Summer 2022, and it is one of his proudest achievements. 


  • Participate in Piggobank lucky draw

  • Help to change the world

  • Ability to earn $Corn (offchain) and participate in Corn rewards program

  • Web2 & Web3 Merch Discount

  • Help to support EQUALITY NOW

  • Collector Score

  • Free NFT drops

  • Commercial Rights


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