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First Phase (Completed)

  • Piggos are planning their escape into the Piggoverse!

  • Creative and commercial rights licensed to all Piggo owners

  • Ramp up marketing & project development. Let the CryptoPiggos fly to the moon!


Second Phase (Completed)

  • Giveaways and airdrop with partner’s NFTs

  • Great Piggout  (Contests, giveaways)

  • Piggo Give Back Campaign


Third Phase (Completed)

  • Member exclusive Piggos Merch Store unlocked featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies

  • Great Piggos BBQ (Burn the Piggos)

  • Launch secondary market for Piggos


Fourth Phase - Q3 & beyond

  • Launch Piggos off-chain Corn Token - corns can be used for early access to partner’s airdrop, whitelist for new projects, buy merch, and etc.  (Completed)

  • Launch Piggos with Next Generation Piggos with Piggos Makeover process (September)

  • Launch PiggoBank Lucky Draw (Q4 2022)

  • Launch Web3 PiggoBank Charity, Web3 version of Gofundme. (2023)

  • Announce Community Projects (2023)

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